How do you share the revenues with the Herost communities?
Herost is committed to redistribute as much as revenues as possible to the local communities. The revenues generated through Herost experiences are usually allocated as follows: 80% to the local Herost experience host, 10% to our Herost Community Fund - a fund exclusively used to support local community projects and 10% to sustain the operation and maintenance costs of the Herost platform.
What is the Herost Community Fund?
The Herost Community fund is a fund exclusively used to co-create and support a variety of projects benefitting local communities and their members. For each experience booked through the Herost platform, 10% of the transaction fees will be allocated to the Herost Community Fund. Projects supported by the Herost Community funds may include: brick-and-mortar projects, such as co-funding social housings, schools, etc. or services such as professional training or education, provided to the local community.
Are Herost experiences instantly charged at the time of booking?
No, after the booking as been registered, the local host will confirm the availability of the experience and notify the guest. The guest will then make the payment online within two (2) days to complete the booking process.
Do you apply cancellation fees?
Our cancellation policy is the following: cancellation at least one week prior to the starting date of the experience: no cancellation fees and full refund of your payment; cancellation less than one week prior to the starting date of the experience: 30% cancellation fees and 70% refund. Half of the cancellation fee will go to the host.


Revenue distribution

  • Local community
  • Community Fund
  • Platform

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