Herost – Where Hosts are Heroes.

Herost is a social impact digital platform for the co-creation, promotion and sharing of social impact travel experiences. We connect travellers who care with local hosts willing to offer authentic, off-the-beaten-path, transformative experiences to their guests.

The Problems

Due to economic leakages, local communities receiving visitors usually get a minor portion of the revenues generated through travel and tourism activities. Destinations have been increasingly affected by the negative impacts of tourism activities that are putting pressure on environmental resources while threatening the identity and cultural integrity of the local residents.

Our Vision

Fair and sustainable travel as the universal standard towards positive mindsets, lifestyles and practices. More and more destinations are suffering from overcrowding, which leads to a growing phenomenon of overtourism. Herost offers off-the-beaten track options enabling the dispersal of tourist flows to less visited areas.


Of global travelers think travel companies should offer more sustainable and eco-friendly travel choices.


Of travelers feel that it is important that the money they spent on travel goes back into the local community.


Of travellers actively seek authentic experiences that are representative of local culture.

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